KARTAL Topographic Engineering Co. Ltd.



Our company; was established on August 29, 1988 to engage in activities related to the fields of Topographic Mapping, Engineering and Construction Projects both in public and private sectors.  Since our establishment, we have adopted the principles of quality, trust and customer satisfaction and continue our activities by developing this understanding.

With the increase in business volume and diversity as of year 2005, in order to ensure works to be carried out more efficiently and properly, institutionalization and standardization in the services provided were adapted.  In accordance with this, TQCSI certificate of registration with license number TR621-QC dated January 20, 2006 was obtained. Furthermore, on December 12, 2009 BS EN ISO 9001-2008 certificate of quality was received thru “Independent European Certification Co. Ltd.” and on February 13, 2014 EPDK Construction and Service Certificate was obtained.

Our company continues to grow strong in this field by employing expert Civil Engineers, Geological Engineers, Geophysical Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Geodesy and Photogrammetry Engineers, City Planners and technical personnel.

Our main fields of activity are;

  • Terrestrial and Photogrammetric Map Production
  • Zoning Plan Production
  • Zoning Application
  • Survey Project Engineering Services
  • Implementation and Execution of Expropriation Works with Expropriation Engineering Services
  • Property valuation and assessment
  • Land Consolidation and In-Field Development Service
  • Digital Cadastral Mapping

The increase and diversity in our business areas also reflected in the institutions and organizations that our company serves.  In the 17 year period prior to 2005, our list of clientele consisting of Iller Bank, Rural Services and Municipalities was populated with public institutions such as Botaş General Directorate, General and Regional Directorates of Highways, Special Provincial Administrations and Universities, and  leading construction companies in private sector such as Kuzey Marmara Otoyol A.S., KOLIN, KALYON.